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Balloon Calculator Information


Enter your balloon size and it
will calculate the number of balloons needed for…

Arches and Alternating Size Arches – calculates the
length of arch using a much more accurate method than
L=W+H or L=2W=h.



Precision Walls



And Others

JobCost Form-
The program has a
built in job cost form that remembers the materials and cost that you
enter. This information is
available for future use making data entry simple and easy. You put in
the materials you use and build a databasebased on what you use. Do your labor the same. It will calculate a
suggested selling price based on your profit andoverhead percentages. The program displays your profit and overhead
amounts. You can increase the selling price toadd perceived value or give discounts

Build your “creation”
and save it. Then when you want to use the creation again, just click
and import it into your job. This brings in all your material and
labor. No need to retype. You can even add a picture to your creation.

The program has
a module for doing simple calculations like finding the area or volume
of a room
or box and how many balloons it will take to fill or cover. Many
different shapes can be calculatedas well as cylinder and triangles.Volumes-Calculate a volume and the number of
balloons to fill that volume.



                  If you are doing a balloon
drop, there is a page to figure nets. If you know the number of
balloons it
will figure the size of your net. If enter the size
of the net it will calculate the number of balloons.



                  If you have
to wrap garland around a column, it will calculate the length of the

The program calculates helium requirements
for different jobs. Put in your balloon size, and the

amount of helium in a partially filled tank and it
will calculate how many balloons it will fill.

It can also calculate the number of tanks needed
given the number of balloons.

Balloon Calculator run on all versions of Microsoft Windows.As you can see, it does quite a
bit. I designed the program to be easy to use and I offer FREE support via
e-mail or call me.
Gary Ledbetter, CBA


The Cost is $159.00 U.S plus $5.00 shipping and handling.  If you have
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